meChristopher Hansen is a postdoctoral researcher in the Laser Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group at the University of Bristol. He has held this position since February 2016 where his research has been focussed applying universal detection and multi-mass velocity map imaging to explore gas-phase photodissociation dynamics.

Before moving to Bristol, Christopher worked as an associate research fellow and completed a PhD in the Trevitt Group at University of Wollongong. Working with Adam Trevitt and Stephen Blanksby to study primarily the photochemistry and photophysics of nitrogen-containing cations using mass spectrometry and action spectroscopy. During his time at Wollongong, Christopher was also involved in many successful collaborations and projects with targets including biomolecules, photosensitiser dyes, halogenated organic compounds, multiply-charged anions and Fe-oxo complexes.

Christopher has published 11 papers in leading peer-reviewed journals and presented his work at many international meetings. His work has been recognised by two invited contributions: (1) to a PCCP special issue on Optical Spectroscopy Coupled with Mass Spectrometry Methods and (2) to a JCP special issue on “Developments and Applications of Velocity Mapped Imaging Techniques”.

Outside the laboratory, Christopher enjoys bushwalking, anything outdoors and adventurous, cycling, spicy food, travelling and all-grain homebrewing.